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At least 14 days are supposed to pass before you will be table to take Lexapro after taking your last dose of any of the MAO preventions mentioned.

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February 27th

At the same time moderate adverse effects do not should be mentioned to your healthcare provider as they often tend to go away on their own.

February 18th

Any type of other drugs you are taking must also be stated to your health and wellness care supplier - specifically lithium, zolmitriptan, blood thinners, various other antidepressants, frovatriptan, cimetidine, and almotriptan.

February 9th

Let your physician understand if there are any kind of clinical disorders that may affect the dose you are suggested - such as seizures, renal illness, heart problem, liver illness, thyroid condition, a recent record of cardiac arrest, or a few other ones.

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Always take the exact quantity of Lexapro prescribed - normally once a day with a complete glass of water.

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In that case you will certainly have to avoid the dose you missed out on and go back to the routine dosing schedule.

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